Violet Winding Stars Press

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

 Here is a list of manuscript genres we are interested in:


Literary fiction: For this genre, we are interested in a diverse variety of stories, especially those with unique structures or stories are written in a form that explores and seeks to blend other genres to enhance storytelling. Fantasy and magical realistic elements are welcome as long as they can be placed within this genre.
Traditional historical fiction
Non-fiction: we are particularly interested in any topics about history or art. 
We do not publish other genre fiction except historical fiction. 

Manuscript word count: 
For poetry, please keep in mind that your manuscript should be at least 60 pages. 
For other manuscripts, our minimum word requirement is 35000 words. 
Please submit the first three chapters of your manuscript with a cover letter/synopsis, and attach this answer sheet and other documents. For the poetry manuscript, please submit ten poems demonstrating your style.

We accept short stories, poetry, and personal essays/memoir for magazine submissions. Please keep the word count under 6500.
Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every query. If we don’t get back to you in four months, please consider your manuscript rejected. 
Magazine and Manuscript submissions are open year-round.
We don't accept manuscripts via email. Please submit your manuscript via our submittable page.

Violet Winding Stars Press